What is your plan to make a relevant difference in the next 10×100 decisive days?

What is your plan to make a relevant difference in the next 10x100 decisive days?

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Mutual Benefit

The next 10×100 days are decisive for peacefully reorganising human activity within planetary boundaries.

10×100 is an  Action Alliance of people who aim to accelerate & enhance the transition of Overton windows for our societies to make better planetary scale decisions within the context of complexity and volatility. 

Each 100-Day Learn Act Loop provides a mechanism for the emergent coordination, alignment and mutual leveraging of transformation practices that support us as a global community to unlock current path dependencies.



August 31st 2022

Retreat during the European Forum Alpbach


September 9th 2022

Gathering for interested 10x100 circle conveners


December 9th 2022

First community call, organised every 100 days until 2025

Transformation Landscape

Criticality of the Next 10x100 Days


The 100-Day Learn Act Loop scaffolds a trusted, collaborative space to amplify the work of planetary Overton window makers.

Based on the 1000 day mission, 10×100 provides a minimal structure to review strategic gaps frequently, provoke drastic measures and build mutual accountability. 

Peers will support each other in prototyping notable changes in their own decision routines, in evaluating consequences regularly and in amplify each others work.

Worth our time

There is a need and opportunity to leverage our work strategically by mutually reinforcing it. Systemic Creativity and Open Cooperation can be enhanced if diverse activities are purposefully connected.

Intended results

Emerging practices can be structured, learnings accelerated and languages shaped. Together we build enabling conditions for transformative decision making — contributing to a peaceful societal reorganisation.

100-Day Learn Act Loop Logic


There are ever more actors around the world engaging with positive change in society — creating the frameworks for building transformative practices.

Many of us influence traditional levers of power, and are part of identifying opportunities for deep transitions towards sustainable futures.

Instead of dispersed networks trying to shift the status quo, 10×100 aims to strategically link short-term crisis responses with long-term system changes.


Who we are

A group of dedicated individuals who encourage a peaceful and science-based decarbonisation where all people can experience change and understand that each of us can make a difference.

Why 10×100?

Inadequate decision-making processes have systematically prevented a proactive transformation. Adaptations need to happen where we live and work in order to create positive effects tangible on a planetary scale.


Overton Window Makers

Are you an activist or intrapreneur, influential within your organisation?

Do you have knowledge on climate challenges, possible solutions, and an urgency to act?

10×100 offers tools and mandate to take effective climate action, and connects you to actors in the public policy landscape.

Are you a decision maker in a given sector (e.g. public sector, law, media, civil society, academia or business)?

Do you have knowledge, tools and mandate(s) within your sphere(s) of influence?

10×100 offers ways to scale impact with minimal time and capacity, and connects you to other decision makers and leaders in the public policy landscape.

Are you in a politician or a bureaucrat in leadership position?

Do you set policies within the Overton window?

10×100 offers evidence and exploration for  assessing the effectiveness and popularity of drastic climate policies, and connects you with other leaders in the public policy landscape to create legitimate ways for a relevant crisis response.

Connect with us if you want to contribute to 10×100.